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We who own, run and live on ÖlandsRo are Michael Sahlin and Susanne Frisk Sahlin, we made a decision that we would do something different with our lives in the autumn of 2010 and 6/5 2011 we moved into a house in great need of renovation and started immediately to fix moisture damage, air out, throw rubbish (Oh my gosh what rubbish it was) and change floor plans to suit our B&B vision.
In July 2011, we rented out the rooms for the first time with a fairly simple standard and self-catering. In 2013, we had completely renovated the upper floor with everything it entails in the permit route, fire cells, fire stairs, fire alarms, etc. and the rooms began to resemble what we wanted to offer.
We have renovated the rooms a bit later, today we have six rooms that we rent out.
In connection with the renovations we have got a simple but good kitchen for breakfast and then we got a café, in the café there was demand for food so now we offer simpler food that the kitchen can cook and with the food it felt natural with a serving permit so today you can eat something good and drink a glass of wine / beer with it.
Candle casting we had with us since childhood on Miche's side, mother Ulla has cast candles since time immemorial and we gladly took the baton.
The former garage, which was allowed to be a "flea market" for a few summers, was renovated and divided into a room for candle casting, a part for the chickens and a small part for all projects that are underway, the workshop.
Now 2021 we still have a lot ideas about what we want to do, hone a bit here and there, carry out some large and small projects during the winter, all to be able to offer a wonderful experience when you visit ÖlandsRo, whether it is for coffee for an hour or stay a few days in one of our rooms.
We hope you will enjoy your stay with us as much as we enjoy ourselves!

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